Safeguard Your New Car s Look Having These Add Ons

Makeup artist Joyce Soudry loves buying car accessories on sale. The high cost on a new car represents a substantial proportion of annual salary for many people, second only to the cost of a new house. Considering the substantial amount of money shown on your new car invoice, you may want to pick up a few add-ons you won’t find listed there. These items can really help protect your car and help to keep it looking new.

First of all you ought to purchase a car cover. Car covers can really help keep the finish on your car. While some people may say that it is too cumbersome to put it on and take it off all the time, the fact is you don’t need to keep it on your car all the time. You’ll be able to still take advantage of increased paintwork protection when your car is stationary for longer intervals – then is the time to cover your car. A car cover is still worth utilizing even though your car is closed in a garage given that it will keep the dust off the finish. And if you don’t have a garage, the sun, birds winds and falling tree branches and many other things can create havoc on your cars finish. Additionally, when searching for a car cover seek out one that is breathable.

Another thing that could surprise you about your new car is that there is a 99% chance that it doesn’t come with floor mats. This may be something the dealership will attempt to sell you separately. Your best bet isn’t really to waste the outrageous amounts the dealership wants and make your way to an auto parts store. Buying inexpensive mats rather than expensive ones means that you can afford to replace one should it get a cup of coffee or milk dropped on it. At an auto parts retailer you can pick up these floor mats for about $20 to $40, depending on what your looking for. Even so, you will need to make sure you get these mats as they can really protect your cars carpeting.

Something that the majority of people never even think about when it comes to cars is a trunk liner. You can get liners for trucks which helps to take care of the bed of the truck. And you can also get liners to line the trunk of your car to help protect the carpeting in the trunk. If you think about it, the trunk of your automobile can become a catch all and really get torn up by depositing all those different items in it. A trunk liner is a really useful addition for your new car and once again is available at a lower cost if you don’t have the dealer to supply it.

For a relatively small outlay, these three fundamental accessories can make a real impact on keeping your car in ‘like new’ condition. For those car owners who take satisfaction in the presentation of their machines, these items are a must and you should get out and buy them soon.

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