A Brief Overview of The 2013 Mercedes CLS 550 Twin Turbo 4 Door Coupe

Among the most luxurious car companies of all times, Mercedes has made the list of the top renowned car companies in the nation. Not only are they renowned in the United States but practically all worldwide also. Some of the most popular diplomats, celebrities and kings ride across the country side in a variety of top quality Mercedes vehicles of all times. On the list of favorites among the Mercedes family is the 2013 CLS550, with a new interior, engine, chassis and new options packages upon purchase to modify certain parts of the car to your preference.

The 2013 CLS550 is no common car which is why it doesn’t come with an ordinary price. This vehicle can go up to a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $72,000 taking out the additional options packages. The premium package will cost roughly $4,500 while the rest including the wheel package or 4-matic package will go up to $2,600 or a somewhat more.

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This vehicle is set up with components which challenges vehicle technology. The engine is composed of a 4.6 Biturbo 8 cylinder engine which runs up to 402 horsepower, quite the gas guzzler those V-8s but not this one thanks to the direct fuel injection. But the engine itself fuses the enhancements with its twin turbo to deliver a reduced torque noticeably. Its variable valve timing assists in easing the friction as the direct injection aids in reduced fuel consumption, better emissions and less noise so it sounds similar to a hybrid.

Its gearbox is really the first in the industry, the 7 speed gearbox has been made to make transmission much sleeker as well as efficient. The room between the gears of its transmission helps with better acceleration, shift and offers a more leisurely ride. With the transmission is its overdrive function which boosts the highway fuel performance. Its standard paddle shifters, located behind the steering wheel enables a manual drive by shifting gears up or down whenever with just a flick of your fingers.

The 2013 CLS550 comes with an advanced electromechanical steering for optimal handling while turning corners, easy maneuvering through low speeds and maintains the steering at a straight line when driving forward. Another helpful element is the vehicles Air-Matic adaptive air suspensions which assists with comfort through great aerodynamics. The air pressurized springs will go into action automatically as the load gets heavier or if the speed sets out to increase.

Along with the standard stock package you may change the vehicle with extra options made available from the dealership. The 4-Matic package has the 4 wheel drive and the electronic traction system for all 4 wheels; this will cost you an added $2,500. The premium 1 package contains full LED headlamps with active curve lighting, adaptive high beam assist, heated and active ventilated front seats, an MP3 media interface, rear view camera, Keyless-Go, electronic trunk and power rear window sunshades. For this premium you are looking at an additional $4,390 extra.

We also have 2 wheel package selections; the first contains 18” AMG 5-spoke wheels with all season tires, a 3-spoke sports steering wheel and a manual shift mode for transmissions. This package will cost an additional $760. The second option has the exact same qualities but includes 19” AMG 5-spoke wheels with high performance tires, this selection will go up to $1,260, also take note that the sports steering wheel will be ruled out if you order the leather/wooden or heated.

Finally we have the lane tracking package which assists in blind spots and lane keeping which will cost you $850. So as we can see, this luxurious vehicle has everything you need for the most fascinating ride ever, not only that but it offers safety and security with immense power and reliability.

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